Beautiful Places of Monaco

Even if Monaco is the 2nd smallest country in whole over the world, but it does not mean that the country is not an amazing place for the tourists to visit. Monaco is well-known as a country which famous with its car races and gambling. Moreover, the country is also known for its amazing fairy tale stories which everyone noticed when the gorgeous Grace Kelly (an actress from the USA) got married to the handsome Prince Rainier III (Prince of Monaco).

Yes, Monaco is, indeed, famous as glamour and extravagant country which offers the tourists an opportunity to roaming around within its luxury and famous environment. So, if you have made up your mind to travel around this amazing country, here are the top 5 beautiful places you have to visit in Monaco.

The Prince’s Palace

It is the official residence of the Grimaldi dynasty, which is presently ruled by the son of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly, Prince Albert II. The Prince’s Palace of Monaco is open for the public during June until October every year. Inside, you could find a piazza which built from 3 million stones that shape a geometric configuration and the extraordinary Genovese wall paintings. In addition to this, at 11.55 in the morning, the visitors of the Palace could enjoy the regular guard ceremony which presented by the “Carabiniers.”

The Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Monaco Grand Prix

The tourists having a passion for fast cars definitely would not skip the opportunity to visit the Monaco Grand Prix. This place has listed on the most impressive car races in whole over the world. The track is considered the furthermost requesting within the racing of Formula One due to the roads of Monaco are narrow, along with many shrill corners.

Monaco Grand Prix

Monte Carlo Harbor

It is another amazing place in Monaco in which the rich and famous people port their luxury ferries. Monte Carlo Harbor is situated La Condamine, which is the 2nd eldest neighbourhood of Monaco. Here, you would find the royal yachts which belong to Monaco’s Prince. This harbour can accommodate more than 500 yachts within a quite picturesque atmosphere.


Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Casino was built to secure the Grimaldi from insolvency in the 19th century. Monaco was facing poor condition along with the only small amount of infrastructure at that time. Well, the Casino was working. Nowadays, the Monte Carlo Casino entices lots of gamblers to visit Monaco.

Monte Carlo Casino

Le Rocher

Le Rocher or also known as Monaco-Ville or the Rock is an amazing place where the tourists could wander throughout the eldest neighbourhood of Monaco. Monaco-Ville is an old town which constructed on a gravelly land that facing out to the Mediterranean Sea. This place is built up mostly of the pedestrian roads and pathways. Le Rocher also preserves its feudal attractiveness from its famous landmarks, St Martin’s Gardens, the Oceanographic Museum, as well as the Palace of Monaco’s Prince.

Le Rocher

Well then, those are the top 5 beautiful places you must visit during your travel in Monaco. I hope you have time to visit them all!

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